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Behind the Scenes of the Dollar Shave Club Video (Interview)

27th June | No Comments

This is the 8th interview in a series called the Startup Videos Interviews. Today we're bringing you an interview of Paulila the creative team behind the uber viral Dollar Shave Club video that captured the web's attention and gathered close to 5 million Youtube views.

Let’s start with an introduction. What's your background? And how did it all started with Paulilu?

We (myself and Paul W. Downs) met doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. In 2007 we decided to start making videos, and our name Paulilu is a combination of our names as well as an homage to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s company Desilu. We’re a comedy duo that makes sketch videos, and to pay the bills we make content for brands including Audi, The Primetime Emmy Awards, The AAA Foundation, and more.

What about now? How many people in your team? (In-house, remote, freelancers?)

We’re still a core group of 2, and we write, direct, produce, edit, and usually act in everything we make. But we do have a bunch of great people who we work with regularly, including Chris Westlund our DP, John Heeg who is truly a jack of all trades, our coordinator Jeff Lamb, and producer Jake Cassidy.

Let's talk about the DollarShaveClub video. What part of it is actually real. Is Michael really the C.E.O? What about the rest, like the warehouse or the employee we see in the video?

Yes, everything is 100% real - Mike is the actual CEO, Alejandra really does ship those razors, and that was the real warehouse.

How did you get Michael to be in the video? Did you ask him to play in it, or was he the one who suggested the idea?

Mike came from a background of comedy acting so it was an obvious choice.

How many times did you rehearse the whole scene? How many takes did it take?

We shot it over the course of 6 or so hours, and no shot had more than 3 takes.

At what point did you realize that the video was going to be a huge hit?

Basically just a few days after it posted!

If you had the choice what company or client would you like to make a video for?
We like making content for companies who are willing to take some risks and who don’t take themselves too seriously - 99.999% of the time it pays off, and that’s a pretty good bet.

If you had to share one ultimate bit of wisdom that you’ve learnt through out the years what would it be?

Make your videos short and hire us to do them!

Any other news? Projects you're working on? Plans for the next few months?
Most of your videos aren’t necessarily ad videos but more entertainment content. Are you going to keep making viral videos like the DollarShaveClube one?

Keep your eyes peeled at - we have some very exciting videos coming out this summer! And a sequel for Dollar Shave Club, of course. and

Some of our favorite videos from Paulila:

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