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Picking an Explainer Studio is Just Like Picking a Lawyer

27th February | Comments Off on Picking an Explainer Studio is Just Like Picking a Lawyer

Picking the right explainer video studio is a lot like picking the right defense attorney. The stakes are high, the margin for error is low, and the field is pretty much endless. So how do you go about choosing the right one? We’ve put together five fail-safe tips. Keep these handy for the next time you need an explainer video, or a solid legal defense - whichever comes first.

TIP # 1: Make sure they have the right experience

If you’re being charged with stealing a Buick Skylark, you don’t need a divorce lawyer. You need a criminal defense attorney, good one from Smith Jones Solicitors. And if you can find one with in-depth knowledge of Positraction, you just might beat this thing.

An explainer video studio work the same way. Just because a studio has a shiny portfolio doesn’t mean they’re the right choice. After all, every product is different. So take a look at their videos and see if the products are in the same ballpark as yours. For instance, if you’re launching a super-complex, B2B application, you’ll want to see if the video studio has handled something of similar complexity.

Because in the end, it’s not really about finding the best explainer video studio, but finding the best fit.

TIP # 2: Talk to their past clients

If the only way to get in touch with your lawyer’s past clients is to visit them in jail, you may want to hitch your wagon to a different star.

Same goes for explainer video studios. Don’t just read their cherry-picked testimonials. Go find the clients they actually worked for and talk to them directly. Was the studio easy to work with? Did they listen to your ideas? How has the explainer video affected your business? These are the questions you really want answered, so go ask the people who can answer them.

TIP # 3: Sit down with them… or at least try to

You’re in lock-up, you’re being arraigned in an hour, and your lawyer hasn’t come to see you. Sure, you’ve spoken to his secretary, but you couldn’t pick his face out of his own billboard, and that worries you.

As it should - just like an impersonal, hard-to-reach explainer video studio should worry you, as well. If you’ve emailed, called, requested a meeting, and gotten back a simple form letter, you may want to continue searching. Granted, any good explainer video studio is going to be busy, but the best ones know that great videos start with great communication. So ask them for a meeting. If they’re willing to give you time up front, that’s a great indication of what they’ll give you down the road.

TIP # 4: Find someone who believes in you

If you tell your lawyer that you didn’t steal that Buick Skylark, and he says, “I don’t care, I’m just here to do my job,” he might not offer you the most spirited defense. After all, people who are “just doing their jobs” are usually doing them poorly.

Now, explainer video studios aren’t going to come out and tell you if they think your product is lame, but you can tell a lot by their enthusiasm. Do they ask detailed questions? Do they want to take your product for a spin? Do they seem passionate or are they just hired hands?

Try to find people who really care about what you do – and what they do, as well.

TIP # 5: Get a clear breakdown of price

If you are filing for divorce in Utah and you ask your lawyer how much he charges and he says, “How much you got?”, chances are you’re not dealing with Atticus Finch.

Clarity is important when it comes to price negotiation. Because really, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much you get for your money. And it’s not always the best idea to go with the cheapest explainer video studio – or the most expensive. That’s why you should always ask for a breakdown of a studio’s quote. And if a studio refuses, well, they’ve already told you everything you need to know.


In the end, you want someone you who can get the job done. So, as a thought exercise, just ask yourself, “If jail really was hanging over my head, and the only way to walk free was for a jury to agree that my product was awesome, who would I want pleading my case?”

If you can answer that, you may’ve just found your explainer video studio.

photo credit- woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

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