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Startup Videos Round-Up #3

24th March | No Comments

Each week or so, we’ll try to cover what’s happening in the exciting and inspiring world of startup videos. We'll share what we read, watched, found, liked, and hopefully you'll enjoy it.

The Rise Of The Explainer Video (

Rico Andrade a former executive producer at Transvideo Studios and Picturelab gives some insights on the rise of the explainer videos.

Do you really need an explanatory video for your startup? (

Marc Strong, founder of Wienot Films put together this handy script to help startups who are thinking of getting an explainer video.

Dutch Agency Uses ‘Draw Something’ To Find New Creative Intern (

Think explainer videos can only be used to pitch a product or a service? What about to find new employees?

What Dollar Shave Club can Teach You About Making a Video for Your Startup (

Some great insights about the incredibly viral video

Don’t Watch These Videos (

Whatever you do, don’t watch the Dollar Shave Club or Kony videos. If you’ve already seen them, forget about them and move on.  It’s just never going to happen. Your next video isn’t going viral, and guess what? That’s okay

Video Brewery. It’s Coming. (

In a top secret subterranean bunker, hundreds of miles from civilization, Domo Duck has been brewing up a game changer for online video production. It’s called Video Brewery and it will be available sometime in April.

Working With A Remote Team (

Having an office for your entire team to go to everyday is becoming less of a necessity. This has a ton of benefits andsometimes a few unique challenges.

Lee LeFever is writing a about explanation (

Lee LeFever is currently writing a book about the art of explanation. This book is designed to help people rethink how they communicate and learn to package ideas into simple explanations that make people care, whether it’s at home, work or school

Animade Lernz ( produces this series of super short animation tutorials with an emphasis on simple effective movement. Very inspiring!

About the author

Yann Lhomme is the co-founder of Thinkmojo, a creative agency helping cool startups explain their products and services with neat, engaging videos. You can find him on Twitter (@californyann).

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