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What Your Explainer Video Should Really Be About

11th February | Comments Off on What Your Explainer Video Should Really Be About

If you’re making an explainer video, chances are you feel pretty strongly about your new product. You’re so proud, in fact, that you’re convinced once people see how your technology works, they’ll be just as pumped as you are.

But here’s the thing: people don’t really care how your product works. In fact, they probably don’t care about your product at all – especially if you’re a startup, and they’ve never heard of you before. What they really care about is themselves.

That’s why your explainer video shouldn’t be all about your product. It should be about the people who use your product.


According to the premier Austin Video Production experts, remember that your explainer video will be seen by real people – with emotions, tastes, and short attention spans - and not robots who run on jargon. See the world from their perspective, and talk only about the parts of your product that have a place in that world.

Basically, do what I Translate did. They built an app that instantly translates your speech into whatever language you choose, and voices that translation, so the person you’re speaking with can understand. Pretty awesome. And really simple. Except, just think for a moment how much tech development must’ve gone into that product.

They had to map hundreds of languages, create a smooth interface that would recognize words, idiom and contextual meaning. Building that system was a true accomplishment, and must’ve taken months - if not years - of painstaking work.

But when it came time to make their explainer video, they left all those parts out. Instead, they just showed someone walking around a foreign city, breaking down the language barrier with the use of their app.

They resisted the urge to talk about their product, and instead told their story from their user’s perspective. And that’s why this explainer video is so effective.


That’s true. Sometimes, you have to explain your product a little bit in order for people to understand it, or even trust you. Take AirbnB , for example. As you probably know, they allow you to rent other people’s homes for whatever time you agree on. Now, when you first hear that, you might think, “Wait, stay in other people’s homes? Sounds like a lot to arrange. Is it safe?” So, to alleviate those concerns, they briefly explain how it works. But they don’t fall down the rabbit hole of describing every minute detail. They just say enough to achieve their objective – that Airbnb is simple and safe – and then get out, before the process starts to drown out their core message.

And that’s really the point: Don’t dilute your message. You may think that the more positive details you mention, the more impressed your viewer will be, making them more likely to become your customer. But the opposite is true. Your viewers are busy. They have other things to do, and if they’re at work, they’re probably doing those things right now. That’s why you need to make your explainer video as simple as possible and don’t waste time on features that interest you more than them.

Talk to your customers about the thing that interests them the most: them.

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