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Comunitee [ kuh-myoo-ni-tee ] - A Comunitee is a group of individuals that discover, share, and explore specific news topics and breaking current events. The word Comunitee comes from the words community and committee.

About is the first social news network that reinvents the way users discover and share news online, on mobile devices and tablets. Wake up in the morning and see what your friends are reading, earn badges for becoming an expert in your "Comunitee," and discover the stories that you and your friends are interested in, all in one place!

Comunitee learns what you like and automatically shares it with your friends and followers. There's no need to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts or click Follow, Tweet, Like, and Share for every story you find interesting. Comunitee does all the work behind the scenes and delivers you the most relevant, up-to-date news. Oh yeah, we don't choose your news topics for you, your news is always your news.

The Comunitee News is different for each user based on who you include in your "Comunitee." You can have a close friend, a coworker or another user from across the country that shares the same love of your favorite celebrities, sports teams or political party.

Comunitee's organic way of sharing news stories within your "Comunitee" allows for an amazing serendipitous experience. Discovering and discussing new topics is just one of the ways Comunitee will change the way you consume your daily news.


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