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A fear of mine has always been pitching and having a presentation.
This is something that always have followed me, part of the reason is standing in front of a bunch of people who's sitting quite, starring at you. Though a bigger part of the reason (at least for me), is doubting your idea and/or the way you're presenting it. The only way to overcome this is to receive feedback on your presentation.
People publish unfinished designs of theirs everyday on sites such as Dribble or Behance.
Their aim is to receive feedback and use it to improve their craft further. Why cant the same be done for your pitches and presentations?
Well, now it can.
Through the app, Son of a pitch.
Son of a pitch is an app where you create a pitch and share it to your friends, or publish it for everyone in the Son of a pitch-community, all in aim of receiving good and relevant feedback on your idea, which makes it easier for you to improve your pitch!
Son of a pitch would be a great tool for creatives that has friends and colleagues all over the world.
Watch the promotion video to see how you can create a pitch through the app, Son of a Pitch.

Creative Task – Son of a pitch

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