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Glide offers the best of live video chat and texting, without their limitations. Live video chat is expressive and engaging, yet can be inconvenient and difficult to schedule, especially with groups and friends/family in different timezones. Texting is simple and convenient, yet lacks the expression of video and can be cumbersome when typing messages on-the-go.

Using novel, patent-pending, streaming video technology, Glide enables real-time video communications with the convenience of texting. Current messaging applications allow users to record messages locally and begin uploading only after recording is complete. The lag between message creation and consumption makes real-time conversations all but impossible.

With Glide, video messages are broadcast live the moment recording begins and are simultaneously saved on the cloud. This way, conversations can be experienced in real-time, or over time - whichever is convenient. Glide messages do not take up room on the user’s device, and bandwidth consumption is about half of what is required for a conventional video call.

Glide – instant video messaging

Startup: Glide
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