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In late summer 2010, 30 students from 5 countries signed up for a mobile future, knowing that a year later they would become the worlds first mobile graduates.

Hyper Island Karlskrona is situated in a former naval barrack on a small island in the Blekinge archipelago. Here the students have been following a program designed by the most regarded professionals in the mobile industry.

The students at Hyper Island are in charge of shaping their learning journey, and sharpening both their individual and collaborative skills.

The everyday life at Hyper Island is not much different from a day in a digital agency. We start with a standing check in, conceptual work and production are keeping people busy until late hours and if it wasn't for the occasional lectures we would forget that this is actually a school.

In the beginning of a project the roles are defined, goals and expectations are set.

External coaches are invited for a weekly evaluation, and roles, and goals are redefined.

Every team should master the fine art of giving great constructive feedback, one of the most important things in our creative processes.

At Hyper Island, the different talents are blending together, we are all savy when it comes to digital and we have an understanding of basic programming, project managers know about design, designers might be writing a strategy, while the art director are making a budget.

What is so special about working in mobile right know is that things are happening in such an amazing speed that it's almost a full time job just to keep up. It can be frustrating that what you learned last night might be useless in the morning. We have great trust in our lecturers and in the subjects that are chosen by our module leaders. In fact it adds a certain dynamics to the course, that the industry is being redefined every second moment.

This is also what is so fascinating about it. We know that the role of the mobile is about to change not only the digital industry but also the everyday life for our parents and yeah grand parents.

We feel spoiled to be the most wanted in the industry at the moment, but we know that the future of the mobile medium is in our hands and what responsibility we have. Therefore we won't hesitate a second, and drop this opportunity.

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