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Perch is the first hands-free video communication app designed to bring you closer to your family regardless of where you are. Families use Perch to stay connected using wall mounted iOS devices in the home. Our facial recognition technology automatically knows when you have something to say and records it. Family members who are not at home receive those messages as video alerts, and can reply from wherever they are.

By mounting an iPod, iPad or iPhone in your home and turning Perch on, you and those in your Perch family can communicate seamlessly. To send a video message, simply walk up to the mounted Perch device and talk. Anyone who is in your Perch family will be notified when a video message has been recorded. If you choose to enable motion detection, you’ll also receive a notification when something interesting happens in your home, which you can then share with your family. It’s an intuitive, hands-free method of video communication for the family.

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