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The Realizer lets you create your very own presentation prototypes of iPhone and iPad apps. Hence the name Realizer- because it actually enables you to realize something.With the help of our partners Nascent Digital, we initially designed the Realizer for ourselves- as a way to better communicate our vision when presenting app concepts to clients. That proved very successful. So successful in fact, that we felt it a shame not to share this app with the rest of the community. Yep, we’re pretty giving like that. With the Realizer, you can start building from a simple sketch or take it a step further with a tighter, more finished photo comp. Either way, the Realizer turns your traditional app presentation into an interactive one - resulting in a more rewarding user experience. And the best part? The Realizer is dead simple to use and it’s free. Which means any art director, designer, strategist, or even your most technically challenged client can build their own prototype app in minutes.


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