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When you go looking for a hotel online, what do you expect? Let's walk through it. You check all the sites, right? Put in your info, and you wait.... OK, finally--the results. So you comb through them, try to find a hotel that has free wi-fi and that nice view you're looking for....yeah...good luck with that. Then you check out some other sites to try to find the best price, and, well...that's pretty much it, right? OK. Let's pause right there. 'Cause, seriously? This sucks already. What's worse is you have no idea which room you'll actually get when you show up at the hotel. You hope you'll get a killer room, but you never really know.

Epipheo Studios shows you how Room 77 instantly shops the top travel sites out there to get you the best deal, then works behind the scenes to request rooms that are right for you.

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Room 77

Video Designer: Epipheo Studios

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