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This video was produced for Mountainview, CA startup Swipp, Inc. to explain the functionality and culture of their new social media app. Tasked with having to communicate the wide and deep range of data collection offered by the app, as well as the appeal to a wide variety of users, the video was produced with a modest budget and a tight timeline. Bordwin and Nammour, working as newly-minted production company Milkbox, collaborated with producer Lorin Finkelstein (formerly VP Creative at at Sony Music) to shoot, edit and complete post-production in their home town of Hastings-on-Hudson NY with a cast of friends and family. The app launched on January 24th 2013 to wide acclaim. The day before launch, John Furrier at reviewed the Swipp app and called the piece "best startup video ever."
Now moving into their second year of business, Milkbox continues to seek new collaborations with a variety of clients.

Swipp: What The World Thinks

Startup: Swipp
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